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Online and Distance Education. A FutureLearn Mooc.

 Online and Distance Education is a postgraduate FutureLearn Mooc that can be studied on its own or as part of the Open University’s Masters in Online and Distance Learning. This Open University module was for the first time run on the FutureLearn platform and simultaneously as an independent Mooc on February 2019. The course is composed by four different Moocs and one of the them is open to external students too.

It takes six arduous months to complete this course and due to the number of hours that you need to dedicate it every week, it soon starts feeling as if it has become an intrinsic part of your existence. As every course of that length, there are aspects of it that everyone is going to find more or less agreeable. There is no way to avoid that!

Is the course worth doing? Absolutely. Whether you already have experience as a professional in a relevant field or in education, you may find after doing this course that you were looking at learning technology through a very narrow lens, which is why this course may be just right for you. If you want to become a specialist in the subject to improve your career prospects, professional or educational skills, for researche or academic purposes or simply because you are a learning tech devotee, then, you should consider completing this course.

As obvious as it may appear how much we have learnt after doing a specialised course such as this one. For me it wasn’t until I started my next module, first module for other students, that I realised how many light years away I was from where I was when I started it.

It is then when all hard work starts paying off.

For more information on the course:

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Published by M.M.Pérez

Learning tech advocate and researcher, teacher and member of the Open University's MAODE team

One thought on “Online and Distance Education. A FutureLearn Mooc.

  1. Love this article… I too studied H880 this year and totally agree. I loved the course, it challenged me to think more broadly about Educational Technology Open Educational Practice, Scholarship of teaching and learning. As the first module on the MAODE, it was a really eye opener. But the real test has been in starting my second module and realising how far I have come, and how much crossover there is my current module EE811. It’s one of those courses that definitely leaves you thinking. Totally recommend it!

    Plus a massive shout out to the amazing tutors – wouldnt have completed without their expertise and support. Thank you!!


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